• Birhanie Gudeta

    She is 7 years old, orphan and grade 1 student. After death of her parents her uncle takes responsibility to help her but unfortunately her uncle was dead. Now she is living with her uncle’s wife without sufficient income and unsecured life. Therefore, MHO provides Birr 100.00/month for educational support, but to sustain her life she need other support.

  • Kidist Belihu

    She is 17 years old. She got involved with a boyfriend who got her pregnant and abundant her. After giving birth to her child, she dropped out collage. Her mother is house servant and the only mother she sever a lot to grow her daughter, finally Kidist did the same history of her mother. Now to extend her education MHO provides Birr 200/month but to sustain her and her child she needs other support.