• One pack for one child

    One of the summer projects implemented by MHO is “MHO one pack for one child project” which is intended to mobilize resources locally from the community. The major objective of this project is to address our own problems by ourselves. In this regard, MHO has an experience of mobilizing local resources from the community through implementing this project.
    In 2014, MHO collected and distributed 10,000 packs of educational materials for 10,000 highly vulnerable children in four regions of Ethiopia (1 pack=12 exercise book, 2 pen, 2 pencils, 2 sharpeners and 2 rubbers). As a result of this initiative, highly vulnerable children in remote areas of the country are able to continue their education .This year, the organization has also planned to collect and distribute 15,000 packs in five regions of the country.

  • Educational support project

    Educational support for highly vulnerable children has been provided for targeted 480 highly vulnerable children residing in Kirkos sub city, different Woredas.The educational support in terms of educational materials (exercise books, pens, pencils), school uniform, stipend and school registration fee payment have enabled children to attend their education without interruption, improved their academic performance and felt confident as equal as their peers in schools.

  • Women economic empowerment project

    One of the major activities accomplished by MHO is economically empowering vulnerable women. In this regard, the organization has implemented women economic empowerment project by the financial and technical support obtained from different donors .Through this project , 330 targeted women are given opportunities to improve their livelihood by organizing them in to saving and credit cooperatives as well as providing them with trainings on basic business skill , saving and credit, entrepreneurship, leadership and life skills. Besides, startup capital, coaching and continuous follow up have been carried out to enhance their capacities. As a result of the project , women are able to engage in different income generating activities and generated income to support their household, developed their saving culture, build up confidence and assertive, developed a spirit of working together and also strengthened their social relationship.

  • Integrated waste management, water sanitation and hygiene project

    The project is an ongoing project which is funded by Civil society support/CSSP/ and Mother and Children Multi Sectoral Development Organization/MCMIDO/. The objective of the project is to contribute towards the efforts made to improve the waste management, water sanitation and hygiene and economic empowerment of poor and marginalized communities in Gulele Sub city, Woreda 6.
    The community has played a greater role in the implementation of the project .The community participated in terms of excavation work which is 430 meters long that worth birr 180,000. Besides, the local administration concerned offices support was also expressed in terms of identifying and provision of the project site, information and technical support for the effective implementation of the project. As a result of this, 1 spring development activity , excavation of 430 meters land with a depth of 6 meters on average , 430 meters of pipe line laying , construction of 1 water reservoir with a capacity of holding 35,000 cubic meter and 1water point is completed.
    The results scored have shown that access to water created for 1,894 community member directly and 4,895 persons in directly. The project has benefited, especially; women in terms of creating access to water and also reducing their labor and time spent to fetch water from mount ‘Entoto” forest area which is far away from their residence and risky to abuse such as rape and other forms of violence which was very prevalent in previous times.

  • Medical support program

    Regarding medical support program , MHO has provided medical support for targeted 480 children and 330 women through medical referral linkage established with our partner organization called Redeem the Generation/RTG/. As a result of this, targeted women and children are prevented from health related complications, got awareness on personal hygiene and sanitation and also able to improve their health status. In addition, MHO in collaboration with other associations such as Ethiopian Medical Students Association and Canada Medical Students Association has provided medical service for targeted children and women every year. During these medical campaigns, women and children were provided with medical checkup, medicine and awareness on personal hygiene and sanitation issues.

  • Day care center

    MHO in its future plan has an intention to construct a day care with a capacity of accommodating 500 children with age range from 0-6years.the day care will provide services such as educational, entertainment and feeding of nutritious foods. The day care will enable parents/ guardians to get sufficient time to spend their time to generate income and support their children. Besides, the construction of the day care will create job opportunities for 100 people.