Who We Are

Meseret Humanitarian Organization (MHO) is an initiative to reduce vulnerability among children and women in Ethiopia. It is established as a humanitarian organization in July 2011 and registered in October 2011 with registration certificate number 2455. MHO is founded by Mrs. Meseret Azage and governed by 7 highly skilled board members drawn from various professions with over 25 years of experience in humanitarian activities. MHO is supported technically and financially by volunteers, individuals, private sector and potential donors.


To see all Ethiopian women and children inspired to prosperity.


All Ethiopian women who are under poverty Support successful producer and orphan and vulnerable children are able to obtain their own social, economic and personal development.

Core Values

Humanity, self- esteems building, trust building and love for all.

Our Approach

MHO believes that every child should grow up in community based environment; and so our work helps to develop community responsibility in our entire beneficiary. To help the grieving situations that women and orphan and vulnerable children face, we increase their access to education and building vocational skills for a healthy livelihood.

Our Focus

We focus on the care and support, health, education and general development of each child, girl and woman, over the long-term, so that they will be self-reliant.

Our Uniqueness

We are different from other organizations for the reasons that we believe by win- win strategy: our beneficiaries have to come with burning desire to fight poverty by breakthrough challenge. At the same time, our beneficiaries are our members by paying monthly membership fee, enabling them to create new ideas by contributions and organizational task according to their educational background and life experience. The orphan and vulnerable children (OVCs) also have to be visionary and hard working to achieve a good result by their education to become a good and productive citizen. We implement an individual development plan that addresses each woman and child pressing needs. We continue our support until they are ready to sustain themselves.

Our Friends

We need regular support from friends, corporate partners, government and foundations. By give hundreds of vulnerable children a loving atmosphere and the chance to be a child. And by give hundreds of destitute women a loving atmosphere and the chance to build their economic empowerment.

Our Facilities

We have different facilities under MHO Program.
These are:
ü Provide school uniforms and school material support and assist them to attend their education.
ü Provide monthly school fee to those have school payment and provide monthly educational support payment.
ü Providing food allowance who have a series problem
ü Provide support for women’s self-help programs, conduct feasibility study.
ü Provide women with training in deferent income generating scales.
ü Conduct marketing feasibility study device practical, effective marketing networks that would enable the women to find reliable outlets to market their finished goods.
ü Device saving credit facility methodology.
ü Conducting workshops and seminars.

Our Strategic Plan

Meseret Humanitarian Organization (MHO) has a strategic plan of reaching 500 single mums at the end of the project period at least 100 mums every year in strategic period by being change their attitude and life to the better.
The main strategic plan is establish sustainable center for children (day care center) to improve exposed to poverty, young girls who appeared to be victim of rape on young age of seduced to the wrong way and turned out to be mother while they are teen, as well as dealing with new born babies. Establish sustainable center for children (multipurpose center)
Day care, And Kindergarten
(Capacity of the Center 250 kids at the Day Care center and 250 kids at the Kindergarten)

How can you help!

Assistances from individuals and organizations in our efforts to help needy children and women are greatly appreciated.

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