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Meseret Humanitarian Organization (MHO)

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    Congratulations to all MHO families! Heralding applauded Successes!!!
    MHO would like to express its great honor and delight on behalf of the management, staff, targeted beneficiaries and volunteers to announce It’s securing of a vehicle from Charities and Societies Agency on October 7th/ 2015. The efforts and commitment demonstrated by MHO to positively impact the livelihood of needy women and children , the field level evaluation conducted by Charities and Societies Agency as well as the feedback put forwarded during the evaluation has really proved our success and capacity to work diligently and achieve the intended organizational plan and objective successfully. In recognition of the effective implementation of programs / projects by MHO and also the existence of well established operational systems, standardized manuals and transparent procedures, MHO has been provided a vehicle: DX automobile SV1OL-UEMNSW with plate No. 35-4988 by the agency which has boosted our moral and motivated us to exert our maximum effort to support targeted needy women and children through delivering integrated and standardized services that would up lift their socio economic status. At this opportunity MHO would like to appreciate MHO management, staff, volunteers and members for their dedication and commitment to work hard and score the results achieved which was witnessed and recognized by Charities and Societies Agency that will further motivate us to strive more to alleviate the felt needs of needy women and children. Together we can change many lives!

Who We Are

Meseret Humanitarian Organization (MHO) is an initiative to reduce vulnerability among children and women in Ethiopia. It is established as a humanitarian organization in July 2011 and registered in October 2011 with registration certificate number 2455. MHO is founded by Mrs. Meseret Azage and governed by 7 highly skilled board members drawn from various professions with over 25 years of experience in humanitarian activities. MHO is supported technically and financially by volunteers, individuals, private sector and potential donors.


To see all Ethiopian women and children inspired to prosperity.


All Ethiopian women who are under poverty Support successful producer and orphan and vulnerable children are able to obtain their own social, economic and personal development.

Core Values

Humanity, self- esteems building, trust building and love for all.

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About The Founder

Mrs. Meseret Azage
Over 21 years of experience, Weyzero Meseret Azage has worked in different Humanitarian Organizations, both international and local. Among the most prominent organizations she found the Ethiopian Red Cross Society to be the most influential and inspiring. Through her line of work, she was exposed to the suffering of many vulnerable and disadvantage women and children, hence decided to make humanitarian works her life mission.

Contact Us

Telephone: +251 118 50 36 33
Mobile: +251 930 03 40 36
E-mail: 0r
Web site:
P.O. Box 100479
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Donation to the Organization Accounts:
Commercials Bank of Ethiopia, Meskel Flower Branch
Account Number: 323C010000084

Dashen Bank, Meskel Flower Branch
Account Number: 0047779967007