Empower destitute Women in digital & financial skill


We propose a comprehensive project aimed at addressing the challenges faced by destitute women in Ethiopia, focusing on empowering them through vocational skill development and enhancing their digital and financial literacy. The lack of access to finance, coupled with limited digital literacy, poses a significant barrier to the economic advancement of women in the region. This project seeks to bridge these gaps by providing targeted training and support


In Ethiopia, a significant obstacle is the limited access to finance, particularly affecting women. Despite the widespread use of digital financial services globally, many Ethiopian women face exclusion due to factors such as limited digital and financial literacy, cultural barriers, and insufficient training and awareness. Challenges include difficulty accessing information on digital financial products. This issue is exacerbated among impoverished women, who lack resources for digital skills


The proposed solution targets the socio-economic empowerment of destitute women in Ethiopia by addressing barriers in access to finance and digital literacy. The project offers comprehensive training in digital and financial literacy, along with vocational skill development to enhance employability or entrepreneurship. Additionally, awareness campaigns will be conducted on digital financial services and products, enabling women to manage finances, understand products, and make informed decisions


The long-term impact of the project is fostering socio-economic empowerment & enhanced financial inclusion among destitute women by providing comprehensive training in digital & financial literacy, coupled with market-aligned vocational skills. It promotes economic self-sufficiency, enhances employability, & encourages entrepreneurship, fostering sustainable development. Awareness campaigns on digital financial services ensure women can manage finances, understand digital financial products.

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