Cultivate Plants- Cultivate Peace in Ethiopia


Ethiopia is currently from hope to conflict. Hope of the people overshadowed by a war, Ethnic conflict, socio-political instability& land dispute, Also Youth unemployment, food security & environmental degradation a remaining challenge & has the potential to further exacerbate existing instability. MHO is fascinated to help build a peaceful community through educative actions that includes school Entrepreneurship, plant of fruit, trees & vegetable gardens while promoting culture of peace values


Ethiopia facing a lot of challenges as far as issues of peaceful coexistence are concerned. The challenges are war, Ethnic conflict, land dispute, socio-political instability. Youth unemployment, food security &environmental degradation a remaining challenge & has the potential to further exacerbate existing instability. Particularly growing problem of Youth violent and intolerance has not been addressed well. , there is therefore need for an increased effort to reverse this pressing issue


No meaningful peace can be achieved in the country without cultivating and help young people at early age to become socially responsible.. MHO develops twines approach to promote peaceful coexistence and peacefully resolving local problems and disputes. We use educative actions that includes plant of fruit and vegetable gardens in schools, neighborhoods, houses backyards, gardens, non-used school spaces and degraded areas, while promoting peace values and school entrepreneurship


The projects will considerable reduce youth violence and ethnic conflict and enhance mutual understanding and respect among people with different ethnic where the project was develop. "Cultivate Plants - Cultivate Peace" will change school idle spaces into productive and green areas which in turn improve social relations, food security and environmental quality. The School Entrepreneurship activities will enhance school income and create globally aware, socially responsible young entrepreneurs

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