Free Childcare Service for poor mother in Ethiopia


Project was born out of lessons & a harrowing tale of sudden death 115 informal waste pickers due massive landslide at the Koshe dumpstite of which main victims were women caring children &based upon first hand personal story we heard from a single mother of five children beneficiaries of MHO's free community-based childcare, who lives in a rented house &unable to provide food &care for all of them and given up two of her children for adoption before she has joined the MHO fee Childcare service


Life has been very difficult for many of too poor mothers who constantly struggle between caring for their children at home and working outside to provide for their families. Child care challenges have become a barrier to work. Getting affordable &available childcare remains an additional barrier, even when they get a job. These Women without childcare facilities are falling ever deeper into poverty. Children are missing school sleep& expose girl aged for school to childcare burden


The donation though this project will provide full day Free Childcare Service, food, and health for children of 100 too poor mother and women informal workers while promote their children's development through playful stimulation and practices and provide support to parents by counseling them about hygiene, nutrition and the emotional well-being of their children. The project is also intended to establish an outreach mobile childcare facility for vulnerable women day laborers.


The project will enable poor mother to Work & Blossom their Children , will allows women to participate in income generating activities The project will not only improving the socio-economic condition of poor women, but will also help their children, getting quality childcare services can contribute to lifelong health, educational and social development benefit The project also will ensure that the burden of childcare responsibilities does not fall on girls or boys of school-going age.

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